Cazooska Large Munsterlanders

Cazooska Large Munsterlanders

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News 2017

20/8/17 WKC Championship Dog Show


Fantastic result at WKC for Raycris Gabriel of Teufelsmoor (Brubeck) winning his first dog ticket with BOB, and then his sister Sh Ch Raycris Calista JW (Tia), being awarded her 5th bitch ticket.

Many thanks to our Judge, Mrs S Marshall, for a very special day.


5/8/17 Paignton Championship  Dog Show

Having not been out showing this year we were  delighted with our girls results, and many thanks to our Judge Mrs P Williams.

Sh Ch Raycris Calista JW (Tia) *****  BCC *****

Quilesta So Special at Cazooska (Lily) ***** RBCC *****


27/5/17 Bath Championship Dog Show

Raycris Gabriel of Teufelsmoor - ***Best Dog***


23/4/17 German Shorthaired Pointer Club  Working Test 

Lily won 1st place in Graduate.


News 2016


11/9/16 Richmond Championship Dog Show

***  Cazooska Pixie - RBCC ***

4/9/16 City of Birmingham Championship Dog Show

*** Sh Ch Raycris Calista JW - RBCC ***

10/7/16 East of England Championship Dog Show

***Quilesta So Special at Cazooska RBCC and BEST PUPPY IN BREED***


3/7/16 Large Munsterlander Club Working Test, Hall Barn, Beaconsfield

*** Lily was placed 1st in Puppy and then won the trophy for the highest placed Large Munsterlander***

1/7/16 Windsor Championship Dog Show

Quilesta So Special at Cazooska (Lily) - ***BEST PUPPY IN BREED***

19/6/16 West Berks Gundog Club

Lily came 1st in Puppy

28/5/16 Bath Championship Dog Show

Quilesta So Special at Cazooska - BP

*** Lily was shortlisted in the Gundog Puppy Group***

5/5/16 Birmingham National Championship Dog Show

*** Sh Ch Raycris Calista JW - BCC and BOB ***    

 With grateful thanks to Judges  - Michele Day,  Mrs J Bates and Mr J Horswell.

***** Confirmation of Tia's Show Champion title. We are very proud *****

With thanks to Mandy Tordoff  for the photos.


22/4/16 WELKS Championship Dog Show

Quilesta So Treasured (Rosko) ***BEST PUPPY IN BREED***


11/3/16 Crufts

 Quilesta So Special at Cazooska (Lily) ***BEST PUPPY  IN BREED*** 


Quilesta So Treasured (Rosko) won Puppy Dog

With thanks to Pamela Dunsmore for these 2 photos.


7/2/16 Large Munsterlander Club Open Show

Sh Ch Raycris Special Quest JW.  *** Best Veteran in Show ***

An upstanding bitch lovely correct coat topline spot on and excellent depth so very sound fabulous arch to her neck not the most angulated of bitches but balanced she gave a sense that her age was beneath her and I could not deny her BVIS.  JENNIFER MILLARD (NEE FAIRHALL).

Quilesta So Treasured (Rosko).   ***Reserve Best Puppy in Show***
7 month old promising youngster showed very well lovely proportions good depth throughout and a pleasing size for age correct coat and good bend of stifle.  JENNIFER MILLARD (NEE FAIRHALL).
With thanks to Mandy Tordoff for the photos.


17/1/16 Manchester Championship Dog Show

Lily (Quilesta So Special) and Rosko (Quilesta So Treasured) both qualified for Crufts 2016. Well done puppies!


News 2015

19/7/15 Kingston Canine Society, Ardingly

A great fun day out, with beautiful weather, at the above Open Show.

Raycris Calista JW (Tia) BOB in the breed class. Sh Ch Raycris Special Quest JW (Questa) won the Champion Stakes.


7/6/15 Large Munsterlander Club Championship Dog Show

Sh Ch Raycris Special Quest JW (Questa) - RBCC and BVIS.

I gave this bitch her title 5 years ago and still love her! For me she has everything. The correct balanced outline. Superb head and expression. Correct layback of shoulder and return of upper arm. Deep chest and long ribcage leading to short loin with the desired tuck up. Her hindquarters are well muscled and she has excellent bone and feet. On the move she covers the ground effortlessly. Not quite in the full coat of the CC winner but she could not be denied the RCC and BVIS. A great treat to judge her again and thank you to her very sporting owner for bringing her along.  MISS BECKY A JOHNSON (DOWNSTREAM).


7/6/15 Three Counties Championship Dog Show

Raycris Raphael at Rixbriar (Ranger) - BD  and BOB

Typical in outline, a beautiful head & kindly expression, ears well set lying close to head. Well proportioned body. Good bone & legs but feet could tighten to advantage. Well turned stifles, good square backend. Moved out and back freely. Of happy disposition. Plenty of coat but seemed a little fluffy today!


23/5/15 Bath Championship Dog Show

Raycris Raphael at Rixbriar (Ranger) - BD.

Handsome dog. Strong neck & shoulders. Good deep chest with good rib. Strong legs with good bone.  Workmanlike throughout, moved with power & drive.  PETER HARPER.


26/4/15 WELKS Championship Dog Show

** Raycris Calista JW (Tia) - BCC. **

Lovely type well constructed all through.  Lovely feminine head, kind eye, good neck into shoulder.  Sound positive movement good angulations front and rear.  MRS J BATES.

News 2014

30/11/14 BMHS Schweisshund Level 1 Test Pass Diploma 1

Raycris Gabriel of Teufelsmoor (Brubeck)

Bavarian Mountain Hound Society Blood Tracking test of 400 metre length with two 90 degree turns, aged 3-5 hours, laid with 100ml blood and an obedience test. Passed with the highest grade.


23/10/14 Midland Counties Championship Dog Show

Sh Ch Raycris Special Quest JW (Questa) - RBCC.

Another super quality bitch worthy of her title, feminine head, good neck & shoulders, mature well ribbed body with good depth. lovely legs & feet, well muscled quarters, sound mover with good tail action. COLIN WOODWARD.


5/10/14 Large Munsterlander Club Open Show

Sh Ch Raycris Special Quest JW (Questa) - RBCC.

Sh Ch Raycris Special Quest JW. A shame she had to come up against 1. Super feminine head with dark eye, strong neck with good front, deep chest, correct topline and tailset. Strong hindquarters with good bend of stifle. Another excellent mover. MRS JULIE SEAMONS (MESSANO).

19/9/14 Driffield Championship Dog Show

** Raycris Calista JW (Tia) - BCC and BOB. **

Raycris Calista JW, what a lovely girl. Beautiful head with lovely dark eye. Well arched neck leading into really good shoulders. Ribbed well back & good hindquarters. Beautifully presented in great condition with good coat and feathering. Covered the ground on a good easy stride which won her the class. CC & BOB. Pleased to say that she did not disappoint in the Group as she was still showing her socks off. MICHELE DAY.

With thanks to Mick Day for the photos.

7/9/14 Richmond Championship Dog Show

Raycris Calista JW (Tia) - RBCC.

Cazooska Pixie - BPIB.

Raycris Calista JW, very well made & sound bitch, beautifully presented although she could be in harder muscle. Has a very feminine head. Nice tight lips. Just enough muzzle. Has a correct lengthy neck into well laid shoulders. Great legs and feet. She is well ribbed up. Just a fraction long in back. Enough hind angulation with low hocks. JEFF HORSWELL.


31/8/14 City of Birmingham Championship Dog Show

Raycris Calista JW (Tia) - RBCC.

Raycris Calista JW. Excellent quality, loved her type & positive movement, well constructed all through. Lovely head & expression, good angles front & rear, best of legs and feet. Good size. MRS S MARSHALL.


2/8/14 Paignton Championship Dog Show

Congratulations to Judith and Ranger for gaining their stud book number. Also well done to Susie and Storm for qualifying for Crufts 2015. Tia also won Limit Bitch. A good day out for the littermates.

Raycris Micah (Storm), liked his overall shape & balance, good head and eye, strong neck & good body proportions. He gave his handler a little of a hard time of it today especially as they were new to the game of showing. Keep going with him he is a top quality dog & I will be interested to see how you go with him in the future.

Raycris Raphael at Rixbriar (Ranger), pleasing dog from any angle, a lot to like about him but lost out to the winner on his overall maturity. Moved very well displaying a true Munsterlander gait.

Raycris Calista (Tia), top quality bitch, shown in first class coat and condition. Her overall shape, conformation and balance is so true. Well angulated in front & rear, which she put to good use when on the move. Close up for the RCC today but felt the eventual winner won this on her movement, however it was very close.    MRS P BUTLER-HOLLEY.

1/6/14 Large Munsterlander Club Championship Show

Sh Ch Raycris Special Quest JW (Questa) - RBCC.

Lovely example of the breed who shone in the ring today. Super head & dark eye, strong neck with good front, deep chest. Well muscled. Moved and shown well. Attractive coat markings. Pleased to award her RCC.  ROBERT SUCHETT-KAYE.


24/5/14 Bath Championship Dog Show

Sh Ch Raycris Special Quest JW  (Questa) - Best Bitch and BOB.

Raycris Calista JW  (Tia)  - Reserve Best Bitch.

Cazooska Pixie (BT)  - BP. 

OB Trowsdale’s Sh Ch Raycris Special Quest, so true & pleasing on the move she covers the ground with ease, her body is strong, well ribbed & deep through the brisket,  strong back, short coupling & strength over the loin, all powered from good muscletone & drive from well let down hock, so much to admire. BB & BOB.

PGB  Ellis’ Raycris Calista, when viewed from the front her head has great appeal with dark eyes, her forehand is correct & she stands so well with straight front, excellent pasterns, bone & feet, depth to brisket, strong quarters & correct tailset. RBB.

PB  Suchett-Kaye’s Casooska Pixie, stood alone, but classy youngster for me she has balance all through, pleasing feminine head, clean neck & shoulder, rib developing well, strong back, short coupling, strong quarters, moved with forward reach & drive from behind. BP.      AIDINE HOWES.


Left to right: Tia, Questa, BT.


Raycris Micah (Storm) - LMC Natural Aptitude Test, April 2014, PASS.

Raycris Haniel (Jed) - LMC Natural Aptitude Test, April 2014, PASS.


19/1/14 Manchester Championship Dog Show

Raycris Calista JW (Tia) - 1st PGB and BB

PGB (4) 1 Ellis’ Raycris Calista, I gave this bitch BB & BIS at the club open show last year while still a junior, She is fulfilling her promise & will trouble the best when she is fully mature. Good head proportions with high set ears & strong neck. Good depth of brisket, correct tailset, well knuckled feet & long dense coat correct texture. Deserves her award today but unlucky to meet the dog for BOB.   BARBARA STAMP.

Raycris Gabriel of Teufelsmoor (Brubeck) - LMC Natural Aptitude Test April 2012, PASS. Kennel Club Silver Good Citizen Test, December 2012.