Cazooska Large Munsterlanders

Cazooska Large Munsterlanders

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Website updated  28th August 2017

Welcome to Cazooska Large Munsterlanders, HPR gundogs, based in Hampshire.

We are large munsterlander breeders and occasionally have puppies for sale. All our puppies are reared in the house and used to all the noises and sounds associated with a busy home. The puppies are also very well socialised and have plenty of quality time spent with them. 

I was first introduced to Large Munsterlanders in 1988 and it was a very steep learning curve.  Jake taught me a lot. Against my husband's wishes I got another Munsterlander as I thought I could do better, so Troy came to my house and demonstrated, with the right training and discipline, these dogs make excellent companions.

In 2000 Oska arrived, Raycris Rather Special (and very special he was too). Oska was part German and people in the breed told me I was mad to have one with two children in the house. Adam was 3 and Sophie was 5 and I certainly did not need to worry as Adam led this dog around by his ears! I could take Oska anywhere  as he had a fantastic temperament and he loved everyone. Oska's offspring have also proved to have this sound temperament and mix with other dogs and their siblings really well.

In 2011 I decided to venture into breeding under the guidance of Christine Ogle and Raymond Butler of the Raycris kennel. We went to Germany to use Boss von Batjers-Braake with Sh Ch Raycris Special Quest (Questa). My good friend Jan kept one from this litter, Raycris Calista, and Tia and all the other littermates certainly carry their Grandfather and  Mother's great temperaments.  This also bought new lines into the UK. 


Sasha, Lily, Theo & Questa


Questa, Sasha and Theo





Left to right - Oska, Sasha, Theo and Questa